Upgrade your assessments!

Smartgrade helps schools and Multi Academy Trusts to access smarter standardised assessments.

How it works

Schools and MATs create assessment templates or access assessments from our partners.


Teachers use our intuitive markbook to input question-level data.


Smartgrade standardises the results using clever algorithms.


You get amazing analysis at question, strand and grade level across your class, school and MAT.

Smartgrade has been transformational in how our Trust has approached reforming assessment.

Our transition to trust wide common assessments has been brought to life by the analytical tools in Smartgrade enabling us to have a deep and detailed understanding of what pupils have learned. The ability to capture assessment data across multiple schools and subjects, as well as compare to national cohorts, has enabled us to benchmark our progress in ways that have not been possible previously.

James Richardson
James Richardson
— Director of Education, CSET
Why it works

Unleash the power of standardisation.

MATs are increasingly creating common assessments for use across a trust. Plenty of other great organisations create strong assessments that are ideal for standardisation.


Standardisation samples don't have to be huge to be useful.

We aim for samples of 1,000+ students. Some MATs can achieve that on their own. With the right data crunching, that can offer a valuable standardisation sample.


We care about actionable insight.

Too many summative assessments are analysed at the overall grade level only. We also give you question and strand analysis at class, school and MAT level.

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