Our Story

Our founders Josh and Jose decided to set up Smartgrade in 2019 to tackle the thorny issue of assessment reliability.

The longer they worked in education, the more they worried about the reliability of assessments used by schools. Most school assessments are unstandardised, which makes it hard to glean accurate insights about a student's level in any given subject. Too often that undermines the value of summative assessments to the great frustration of school teachers, leaders and administrators.

Smartgrade was designed to tackle that challenge. Working with well-regarded partners such as Evidence Based Education and Ark, we've designed a platform that helps schools, MATs and partners to collaborate and standardise assessments.

Smartgrade is brought to you by

Jose Diaz


Joshua Perry


David Collins

Head of Growth.

Rachel Gray

Head of Client Services.

Ryan Nash

Customer Success Manager.

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Customer Support Associate.

Alejandro Hernandez

Lead Developer.

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Marketing Executive.