Practice SATs

Smartgrade are running 4 practice SATs windows in 2023-24. You can use Smartgrade to access past SATs papers, enter marks and benchmark your school's performance to other schools at the same point in time.

What you'll get

Participating schools will receive:

Access to four sets of KS2 SATs past papers (2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023).

Intuitive online markbooks for entering maths, reading and GPS results. Fully integrated with your MIS for a seamless experience.

"Live" standardisation grades so you can compare your results to a national cohort.

The ability to set custom grade boundaries for your school or MAT.

Import validated KS2 SATs results for detailed attainment and progress analysis.

Powerful analysis at student, class, school and even MAT level.

What it costs
£275 - £500
/ school / subject
excl. VAT
  • This gets you access to all four sets of SATs past papers.

For this amazing price you can be part of a national cohort of schools and benefit from standardisation data derived from all participating schools.