Assessment Partners

Assessment Partners make their assessments available to schools and MATs via the Smartgrade platform.

Ark Curriculum Plus

Ark Curriculum Plus provides complete curriculum programmes: knowledge-rich, sequenced curricular, the associated teaching resources, including assessments and integrated professional development to empower teachers to deliver high impact lessons.


Headstart creates high quality primary teaching and learning resources for teachers and pupils.

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths are a group of teachers and mathematicians, dedicated to developing maths education for everyone.

Product Partners

Product partners work particularly closely with us so that we can evolve the product to meet the needs of schools and MATs. We also encourage feature requests from all customers.

Evidence Based Education

Evidence Based Education are leading providers of assessment training and learning resources. We work with them on our Quality Checker, which gives you quantitative feedback on your assessments' reliability.


Ark is a high-performing Multi Academy Trust and Smartgrade early adopter.